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Color Cover 5 No 6 50Ml

Rs. 2,300.00
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If you're not ready to go grey yet then you need L'Oreal Homme Cover 5' Grey Cover. It's subtle, discreet and provides up to 50% grey coverage in just 5 minutes. No 6 is great for fast and effective grey coverage for dark blonde hair. Purposefully designed with the natural look in mind, L'Oreal Homme Cover 5' provides discreet, gradual blending so there's no harsh lines. The ammonia-free gel gives your hair the care it needs to be at it's best. Rapidly apply L'Oreal Homme Cover 5' to your roots, lengths and ends and give it five minutes of development time. Then emulsy gently, rinse thoroughly and then shampoo with a L'Oreal Post-Colour shampoo.