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Eye Bushy Brow Pen Ash Brown 0 5 Ml

Rs. 600.00

Color :

Makeup Revolution Bushy Brow Pen Medium Brown 0.5ml provides a microbladed brow effect without any effort on your part. In this sense, this product gives you a result worthy of a beauty salon in the comfort of your own home. This is because this pen has a precise and flexible tip that allows for fine detailing on the brows. In turn, this product helps you design individual hairs to fill in sparse areas or to create new shape and definition. In addition, its intense color pigment allows you to achieve dream brows with just one application. Furthermore, this formula is gentle on the skin without drying it out. On the other hand, it contains ingredients such as Glycerin that ends up hydrating the entire brow area, including your natural hairs. In short, this precise pen gives you the possibility to have fantastic eyebrows worthy of a beauty salon.