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Milk Shake

Milk Shake Decologic Extra High Lift Level 9 Powder 80 Gr

Rs. 1,300.00
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milk_shake decologic level 9 is a lightening formula suitable for all lightening techniques, to create intense lift up to 9 levels whilst counteracting residual warm tones. With organic cranberry extract, clay, and silk proteins for perfect hair lightening, hair protection and conditioning. It doesn’t run or expand. For professional use only. Use: mix the product in a non-metallic bowl with the most suitable milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion depending on the levels of lift desired, the application technique, the hair’s condition, and respecting the given ratios. Only use plastic or glass tools and containers. Apply to dry, unwashed hair, without applying the mixture directly to the scalp. Leave to process at room temperature, without using heat sources, until the desired level of lift has been reached. Do not exceed 60 minutes of processing time. Rinse well and conclude the service with products from the milk_shake® color specifics range. It is advised not to repeat the lightening process within 24 hours from application.