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Milk Shake

Smoothies Semi-Permanent Colour 100 Ml

Rs. 1,100.00

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Milk Shake Smoothies semi-permanent dye is a delicate product that protects and restructures the hair during the coloring process. It does not contain ammonia, and after use the hair remains shiny and soft. It is recommended to give shine to natural hair, create intense shades, hide the first white hairs, even out the current hair color or to refresh it. Thanks to its formula based on milk proteins, it deeply restructures the hair. The product also contains extracts of honey and beeswax, which contribute to the deep nourishment of the hair, leaving it shiny and easy to maintain. Fruit extracts hydrate and care for both the scalp and the hair. Integrity 41 is a complex antioxidant, which guarantees a longer resistance of the color. Smoothies semi-permanent paint enchants with a discreet scent of fruit, milk and honey.